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Discussion and Support Forums
Got something to say? You're welcome to join in our User Discussions
or report problems in our Support Forum

    Open Discussion General comments on robotics, questions, feature requests, suggested improvements, wild speculations, etc.

    Developer Requests for volunteers, project-related queries and status reports, developers notes and conversations, etc.

    Help Your questions about Rossum-Project software.

    Tech Support Tech support allows users who don't have Source Forge accounts to post requests for help. Tech support is not a true "discussion environment", so other users will not be able to reply as they can in the Help Forum. Trouble reports will be available for general inspection.

About The Forums

Our web host, Source Forge, provides User Forums as a service to registered open-source software projects. When you click one of the links above, you will be transferred to the forums. The forums are open to the general public for viewing. By Source Forge policy, only those users who have established accounts with Source Forget may post messages to the forums.

Although Source Forge accounts are available free-of-charge, some of our visitors may not be interested in establishing one. For non-registered users, we provide a Trouble and Support Forum. The Support Forum offers a more restricted set of options (and does not support discussions), but does give users the ability to post notices without being members of the Source Forge community. We have asked Source Forge to consider the possibility of opening up the user forums to posting by non-users. The suggestion is currently under review.

Monitoring the Forums

Once you've established an account with Source Forge, you can configure your user settings so that you can monitor individual forums. When you monitor a forum, Source Forge will automatically issue you an email any time a new item is posted in that space. Source Forge also lets you configure your view of the Forums (we recomend the Treaded View) so that you can control the information content and bandwidth requirements for your browser.

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