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[20 Apr 2001] Version 0.5 of the positioning application now is released (here).
[20 Apr 2001] A paper that describes the work done in this project is now available (here).


Here you will find a short description of the localization and exploration algorithm that I am working on. The software is by no means complete, but here you can see some of the preliminary results that I've got. The implementation was done in Java (like the rest of my robot control software). The software is designed to work with both my robot and the Rossum Playhouse simulator. The software bundled with the simulator is publicly available for demonstration and experimentation purposes. Results obtained with the robot are available from this site. I am working at this web site as part of The Rossum Project (an open-source robotics software project).

With the completed positioning software it will be possible to deploy the robot in an unknown environment, and have it autonomously explore and map the floorplan.

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To find out more about localization algorithms, my investigations, and the robotic test platform I built to explore the problem, please visit any of the following pages:


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